Friday, August 11, 2006

Link Fun

Awesome, how freaking cool. I Just spent all that time telling you how I was going to increase the blog traffic… Wait for it….It didn’t work!.. yet. But that’s AWESOME. I was worried that if I’m to negative again, I may come over a depressing and no one would ever come back. But that would never happen because this site is awesome. Keep up the blogging bloggers, you rock. Your special, I love you. I also read you can get $100K per year being someone’s personal motivator. Any takers? PS. for 100K I will love you, again, any takers? I think putting links in posts may also help. Here goes… we kill the competition, how can you not love us?
I have no idea whet that’s about but its colorful…
I will eat a badger on contact!!!
I cant figure out how to get this to work, this link may help.


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