Monday, August 14, 2006


So I turned up for an orientation today for a new job I don’t even defiantly have yet! I said who I was (Wolversteve of course), they said I don’t even need to be there. Got the boot before I started? I don’t think so… I would divulge but you may figure out where I am. And hunt me down like the dog I am. Needles to say I have to go back to my old job now, (wolfing,) I may update again later. Seems my time might be better spent looking for a new job again! Or, putting this in a few directories/ sorting out that f

And, as for my chat room begging...
Thanks guy’s, sorry about the format probz, any suggestions?
These super sites came to viset.

Get a box of tissues, MAKE A DONATION, then wait for the book.
Claudia has the longest post I have ever seen!
Skanky Jane, how… Skanky,… Jane
This is like, a real site, with backlinks and all.
Gattina may have a point. But thanks for being traffic!!!


Blogger Skanky Jane said...

Heya Wolversteve - bad luck about the job - still an' all - personally - I think work is highly overated.

Thanks for the link - mighty sporting of you.

*tosses the wolf a hunk of red meat*

SJ xx

7:05 PM  

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