Sunday, August 13, 2006

Inappropriate harassment

K, for traffic I started harassing people in forums now. Seems like an odd way to go but it may work. My only concern is how offencive some of my posts may be. I think there all still PG. The colon picture is (al)most deffinatly medical. To bad, I had to look at some nastys (Company blogs etc.) when flicking through the other blogs. Still some to look at... (The right is supposed to be an Inappropriate poster)

give us half wolfs a bad name, there all pink untill its to late.

The dude put in his own scribing’s ...P.S. Its way to robotic. I looked for the famous, “this one time at band camp I shoved” the bagpipes up my walnut cracker. It wasn’t there. Still, interesting idea.

The good life, erm my mother used to hunt on farms.
Anything eco friendly will keep my prey in stock


Blogger Skanky Jane said...

Is being a Wolf a 'furries' thing?


Well, at least you now know that using the blog groups does increase traffic.

I would link to your blog from mine but as yet I don't see anything we have in common - still I'll stop off at your blog from time to time.

Skanky Jane xx

10:26 PM  
Blogger Gattina said...

You only ask for traffic, but traffic for what ? There is nothing to read in your blog besides the complaints that you have not enough traffic. Put a counter on your blog, then you will see if somebody is visiting your blog ! You can see this at my four blogs.
There are very few people writing comments but that doesn't mean that they don't look at your blog. And from your profile nobody can see anything.

4:59 AM  
Blogger Wolversteve said...

Dude, Its all about the anticipation on this blog. Keep watching.

I have ways of counting the visitors

7:44 AM  

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