Sunday, August 20, 2006


OK, upon review some of my posting appear overly emotive. I must remind you that being a Wolfman my cognitive reasoning is fused with heightened senses and spiked feelings. Still, here is another thing that has really grated on my nerves for about a year. For once, I will also propose a resolution.

I have heard with increasing frequency the use of a the word wxgger (the “x” is an “i” but it disgusts me so much I don’t want to type it. Those of you who use it may think it harmless but like the word blog, it means two things. Bad people use one of those words for evil things.

Resolution for the non racist caught up in confusion…
Use the word wxnkster, (the “x” is an “a”) . It is insulting, but has no evil strings attached. If you agree, try to spread it around a bit, thanks.

If you have no idea what in talking about, good for you. Keep your language clean at work.

Disclaimer: I don’t think any of these are actually recognized,


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