Saturday, August 26, 2006


I just went out to walk my dog/ mini wolf friend that cant use the can. Anyway whilst out my neighbor came out an apologized for driving is car on our grass earlier in the day. I really hadn't noticed and didn't care. My little friend than craped in his garden. I guess he minded.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Chya bro, she’s been a hell of a day. I was trying to meet with this guy all afternoon. He was never where anyone said he was!!! Everyone started to get frustrated with me, advising me to look tomorrow. However, for some reason, in my 100+ years on the planet, meeting with “the man” was the most important thing I ever had tried to do…

So now I have to look tomorrow, I didn’t find him! I can only hope I sleep tonight. I feel like I lost my pack. I need to chew something until I see some one else, klthgwo;hrqw8i;phy. Arg, the keyboard tastes crapy.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Job 2

I got nothing. Today was too busy to think. I guess I should let you know they finally let me go to the orientation for the job I don't even have yet!!! (see job post.) I then had to catch up for the day at my old job. Super fantastic huh? Still at least wolfing is in demand. Its not really effected by the economy, you guys should look into it. Honestly, I heard about a human that did an OK job.

Sunday, August 20, 2006


OK, upon review some of my posting appear overly emotive. I must remind you that being a Wolfman my cognitive reasoning is fused with heightened senses and spiked feelings. Still, here is another thing that has really grated on my nerves for about a year. For once, I will also propose a resolution.

I have heard with increasing frequency the use of a the word wxgger (the “x” is an “i” but it disgusts me so much I don’t want to type it. Those of you who use it may think it harmless but like the word blog, it means two things. Bad people use one of those words for evil things.

Resolution for the non racist caught up in confusion…
Use the word wxnkster, (the “x” is an “a”) . It is insulting, but has no evil strings attached. If you agree, try to spread it around a bit, thanks.

If you have no idea what in talking about, good for you. Keep your language clean at work.

Disclaimer: I don’t think any of these are actually recognized,

Friday, August 18, 2006


"A 21-year-old US man ended up in hospital after spending two hours trapped in a vat of chocolate, police in Wisconsin said on Friday"..."The accident involved dark chocolate." (BBC)

What!? Way to make dark chocolate sound evil. I thought the BBC was impartial. Again, something so trivial implanting seeds of darker, less enlightened, confusing thoughts. May I explain this to you. On one side there is dark chocolate, on the other there is white chocolate. The mid majority is somewhere in the middle, or milk chocolate. However, there is no way any chocolate is associated with evil. This is analogy gone mad. That kind of confusion ridden reporting can only lead one way. Do not follow.

P.S. I may not be able to update the blog for a day or two. I am taking a journey to observe a ritual of sin neutralization. (Going to an out of town wedding.)

Thursday, August 17, 2006


Tick followed tock followed tick followed tock, I spent the day yesterday waiting around trying to find out how to avoid being illegal in a few weeks. I cant really tell you why (its top secret), but the time is slipping by and there is still no resolution. Still, enough time for some good old complaining.

What is going on with pink, yes pink the color. It is WAY not my favorite color. I thought I was just being petty, but today I saw a Muslim woman in a big pink face and body covering garb. My point is, it has infiltrated even the most respectful parts of society. It used to be highly associated with old spinsters and spandex. I don’t mind a bit of pink. If your blog is pink and it suits the theme that’s cool. There is however a reason Dumbo hallucinated pink elephants when he was wasted, PINK IS REDICULOUS IN LARGE QUANTITIES, STOP NOW.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Hussar a new day has come. My boss came back from vacation bearing gifts. Guess what he got me…..go on,…..he got me…. a pebble. Not just any pebble, one he found, guess where….go on…..Yes!! on a beach full of pebbles!!! how odd that must have been. I'm really glad he got one to show me.

Its actually quite a nice pebble, I am proud to call it my own and will defiantly ask someone to play fetch with me using the pebble.

Monday, August 14, 2006


So I turned up for an orientation today for a new job I don’t even defiantly have yet! I said who I was (Wolversteve of course), they said I don’t even need to be there. Got the boot before I started? I don’t think so… I would divulge but you may figure out where I am. And hunt me down like the dog I am. Needles to say I have to go back to my old job now, (wolfing,) I may update again later. Seems my time might be better spent looking for a new job again! Or, putting this in a few directories/ sorting out that f

And, as for my chat room begging...
Thanks guy’s, sorry about the format probz, any suggestions?
These super sites came to viset.

Get a box of tissues, MAKE A DONATION, then wait for the book.
Claudia has the longest post I have ever seen!
Skanky Jane, how… Skanky,… Jane
This is like, a real site, with backlinks and all.
Gattina may have a point. But thanks for being traffic!!!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Inappropriate harassment

K, for traffic I started harassing people in forums now. Seems like an odd way to go but it may work. My only concern is how offencive some of my posts may be. I think there all still PG. The colon picture is (al)most deffinatly medical. To bad, I had to look at some nastys (Company blogs etc.) when flicking through the other blogs. Still some to look at... (The right is supposed to be an Inappropriate poster)

give us half wolfs a bad name, there all pink untill its to late.

The dude put in his own scribing’s ...P.S. Its way to robotic. I looked for the famous, “this one time at band camp I shoved” the bagpipes up my walnut cracker. It wasn’t there. Still, interesting idea.

The good life, erm my mother used to hunt on farms.
Anything eco friendly will keep my prey in stock

Saturday, August 12, 2006


She was like, you smell nice is that cologne? I was like, yes, you smell of colon. Smooth huh? Again a joke ruined my chances. Being part wolf though the smell of colon was quite informative. As if I couldn’t see, I could tell she was large, 3 days away from “heat” and liked Mexican.
Aside from Friday nights activities I have decided it may be use full to try and educate some of you, try a few links.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Link Fun

Awesome, how freaking cool. I Just spent all that time telling you how I was going to increase the blog traffic… Wait for it….It didn’t work!.. yet. But that’s AWESOME. I was worried that if I’m to negative again, I may come over a depressing and no one would ever come back. But that would never happen because this site is awesome. Keep up the blogging bloggers, you rock. Your special, I love you. I also read you can get $100K per year being someone’s personal motivator. Any takers? PS. for 100K I will love you, again, any takers? I think putting links in posts may also help. Here goes… we kill the competition, how can you not love us?
I have no idea whet that’s about but its colorful…
I will eat a badger on contact!!!
I cant figure out how to get this to work, this link may help.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Increasing traffic.

Bra testers, That is bros that test me. There is little traffic to the site, i.e. only one visitor so far. I shall spend some time trying to increase my traffic. I am a loan wolf on principle, but there are better things to do on my own sometimes, especially, with my flexibility. So like the freak I am, I shall attempt to run into the traffic.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

long day

Bra, a long day was had so far. To top it off I'm being made to watch dukes of hazard and I don't feel like it. Someone just showed me some cool DUI arrests on line but I can't find them now, ill look later. .. Ha oops, I just make my female pack mate CRY describing how I go to the bathroom, I thought it was funny until I opened my eyes (yeah it was that real), oh well.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

OK, it is proving well hard keeping the blog secrete and having time to log. Ill get used to it, It looks like the blog got it's first visitor today! How exciting, and presumably, disappointing for them. I have so much creativity pent up inside, yet so little time, technical ability, and literary ability. Time is needed. I vow now to make this the most averagely retarded thing you will fined anywhere. That, is my mission. P.S. prior to writing this I was questioning the importance of the blog, the importance is now clear. (The bones are a treat for me, have one if you wish...yum)

Monday, August 07, 2006

OK, I am way hazy today. Ill relieve you of reading any more.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

My female pack mate decided it would be a great idea for us to have freaking food party at our dwellings. I just spent my whole weekend cleaning. I wouldn’t mind as much but for some reason I clean about thrice as fast as she. She also kept walking in when I was trying to update the log yesterday (I am keeping it secret so I can say extra nasty things about people as they arise). Yesterday, I was going to tell you about a nightmare I had about Janine from Easterners trying to seduce me, in retrospect the less said about that the better. Anyway Im going to use this party as an excuse to get wazdangoed. Ill let you know if I did.

Friday, August 04, 2006

I’ve been well busy today, everyone’s been like “do this” I’ve been like, no you mangy hole, but “I’d love to” keeps coming out. The trained wolf in me is to obedient.

I saw Batman Begins again last night, (not the sequel, I just saw it again) Its good to see another being with (he thinks) dual species issues. I think he still thinks its way cooler than it actually is, that is when your used to having the blood of two species running through you veins it not that cool. Still, more about that a different day.

Ill put a photo or two up soon, and update the page to include a bit of background. For example no I don’t get yearly rabies shots but I do chose flea shampoo, and how did I come to be?

Thursday, August 03, 2006

I have wet pants. Well, I did all my washing and didn’t have time to dry it! I itch really badly. But being half wolf that’s normal.
So someone just saw me at work. They called me Steve. I hate that.