Saturday, August 26, 2006


I just went out to walk my dog/ mini wolf friend that cant use the can. Anyway whilst out my neighbor came out an apologized for driving is car on our grass earlier in the day. I really hadn't noticed and didn't care. My little friend than craped in his garden. I guess he minded.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Chya bro, she’s been a hell of a day. I was trying to meet with this guy all afternoon. He was never where anyone said he was!!! Everyone started to get frustrated with me, advising me to look tomorrow. However, for some reason, in my 100+ years on the planet, meeting with “the man” was the most important thing I ever had tried to do…

So now I have to look tomorrow, I didn’t find him! I can only hope I sleep tonight. I feel like I lost my pack. I need to chew something until I see some one else, klthgwo;hrqw8i;phy. Arg, the keyboard tastes crapy.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Job 2

I got nothing. Today was too busy to think. I guess I should let you know they finally let me go to the orientation for the job I don't even have yet!!! (see job post.) I then had to catch up for the day at my old job. Super fantastic huh? Still at least wolfing is in demand. Its not really effected by the economy, you guys should look into it. Honestly, I heard about a human that did an OK job.

Sunday, August 20, 2006


OK, upon review some of my posting appear overly emotive. I must remind you that being a Wolfman my cognitive reasoning is fused with heightened senses and spiked feelings. Still, here is another thing that has really grated on my nerves for about a year. For once, I will also propose a resolution.

I have heard with increasing frequency the use of a the word wxgger (the “x” is an “i” but it disgusts me so much I don’t want to type it. Those of you who use it may think it harmless but like the word blog, it means two things. Bad people use one of those words for evil things.

Resolution for the non racist caught up in confusion…
Use the word wxnkster, (the “x” is an “a”) . It is insulting, but has no evil strings attached. If you agree, try to spread it around a bit, thanks.

If you have no idea what in talking about, good for you. Keep your language clean at work.

Disclaimer: I don’t think any of these are actually recognized,

Friday, August 18, 2006


"A 21-year-old US man ended up in hospital after spending two hours trapped in a vat of chocolate, police in Wisconsin said on Friday"..."The accident involved dark chocolate." (BBC)

What!? Way to make dark chocolate sound evil. I thought the BBC was impartial. Again, something so trivial implanting seeds of darker, less enlightened, confusing thoughts. May I explain this to you. On one side there is dark chocolate, on the other there is white chocolate. The mid majority is somewhere in the middle, or milk chocolate. However, there is no way any chocolate is associated with evil. This is analogy gone mad. That kind of confusion ridden reporting can only lead one way. Do not follow.

P.S. I may not be able to update the blog for a day or two. I am taking a journey to observe a ritual of sin neutralization. (Going to an out of town wedding.)

Thursday, August 17, 2006


Tick followed tock followed tick followed tock, I spent the day yesterday waiting around trying to find out how to avoid being illegal in a few weeks. I cant really tell you why (its top secret), but the time is slipping by and there is still no resolution. Still, enough time for some good old complaining.

What is going on with pink, yes pink the color. It is WAY not my favorite color. I thought I was just being petty, but today I saw a Muslim woman in a big pink face and body covering garb. My point is, it has infiltrated even the most respectful parts of society. It used to be highly associated with old spinsters and spandex. I don’t mind a bit of pink. If your blog is pink and it suits the theme that’s cool. There is however a reason Dumbo hallucinated pink elephants when he was wasted, PINK IS REDICULOUS IN LARGE QUANTITIES, STOP NOW.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Hussar a new day has come. My boss came back from vacation bearing gifts. Guess what he got me…..go on,…..he got me…. a pebble. Not just any pebble, one he found, guess where….go on…..Yes!! on a beach full of pebbles!!! how odd that must have been. I'm really glad he got one to show me.

Its actually quite a nice pebble, I am proud to call it my own and will defiantly ask someone to play fetch with me using the pebble.